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Random fact no one asked for, but Rahl's hair is two-toned because of a terrible dye job he attempted one night as a teen. He's been living with the regret ever since.
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 18th Jul 2020, 4:50 PM. Edit Delete Reply

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Hmm... why do I get the feeling that wraiths have been summoned... just not where she wanted to summon them?
Posted by Quadrant on 18th Jul 2020, 5:18 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Oooohh, good thinking.
Posted by Seionara on 19th Jul 2020, 5:38 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Oh no, does this mean poor bby's hair doesn't grow?
Posted by eishiya on 19th Jul 2020, 5:04 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Sorry, noticed he's not been a teen for 2-3 years.
That is odd indeed.

I think it does, but not fast enough to cover up a fairly recent bad decision, unless most of it is cut off entirely.

I mean, that looks like about half a year to 3/4ths of a year of normal-coloured hair growth, but I'm not the best judge.
Posted by Seionara on 19th Jul 2020, 5:36 AM. Edit Delete Reply

personal fact.: very few of us Cant do dye jobs..
as a teen , i got premature gray.. so i / we (twin sister.) dyed our hair to a different shade of red... hers was fine,,, besides the little patchy clumps falling out, mine came out Brown.. an has been that ever since.. :(
Posted by robnot on 19th Jul 2020, 8:03 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Hey hey don't shame us slow hair growers
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 19th Jul 2020, 8:59 AM. Edit Delete Reply

But it *was* covered in class - in the one they skipped. Why is he saying it wasn't?
Posted by branwen on 21st Jul 2020, 5:30 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Hello! Unless I'm a very forgetful artist, I don't think they've ever skipped class. Unless you mean the beach scene-that was raising corpses, not wraiths.
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 21st Jul 2020, 9:16 AM. Edit Delete Reply

They skipped out on bunny-raising...
Posted by sigpig on 10th Mar 2021, 11:17 AM. Edit Delete Reply