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Teacher is tired of your shit, Mikkael.
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 18th Apr 2020, 5:14 PM. Edit Delete Reply

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A big bubblegum shield
Posted by Quadrant on 18th Apr 2020, 5:31 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Hmm, reminds me of Steven's shield with pink powers.
Posted by MightyWizard19 on 18th Apr 2020, 6:32 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Probably because octagons usually leave holes (square or triangle).

I mean look at that shield. There a secondary layer!

Why not just use hexagons that leave no gaps?
Posted by Evilbob on 20th Apr 2020, 11:02 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Octagons are extremely underappreciated.
Posted by Tooniator on 18th Apr 2020, 10:38 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Yes, they are.
Posted by VoidHamlet on 19th Apr 2020, 8:18 AM. Edit Delete Reply

After he loses, he'll hopefully have to clean up all of his ice- without magic.
Posted by Guest on 19th Apr 2020, 11:31 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Wonderful bored face!

"Every class has one idiot."
Posted by Stig Hemmer on 20th Apr 2020, 3:06 AM. Edit Delete Reply

That look says it all.
Posted by Miranda on 2nd Jun 2020, 12:53 PM. Edit Delete Reply