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Exposition time!
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 25th Jan 2020, 4:22 PM. Edit Delete Reply

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Corpse slime is good! I've a jar here on my shelf.
Posted by Tooniator on 25th Jan 2020, 6:14 PM. Edit Delete Reply

I wish some of my lecturers were as enthusiastic and energetic as this, instead of just stood there at a lectern reading from the most absolutely boring slideshow.

That said, he looks very up himself in the last panel.
Posted by Quadrant on 25th Jan 2020, 6:29 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Damn. That's one sexy teacher. Wish I'd had someone that hot when I was in school. All I got was a pedophile physics teacher.
Posted by Lara on 26th Jan 2020, 7:28 AM. Edit Delete Reply

I mean to be fair, this genuinely is one way to keep students awake. I know I wouldn't sleep through this lecture at least.
Posted by RebelVampire on 29th May 2020, 7:31 AM. Edit Delete Reply