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He's a good boy, that inkspot.
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 16th Jun 2021, 10:40 AM. Edit Delete Reply

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No. Holey floorboard actually
Posted by Quadrant on 16th Jun 2021, 10:58 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Now at least Inky will show he does more than stab sisters... although I mean he thought that was what everyone wanted and it wasn't fatal or anything. She even liked the scar.

Everyone wins with Inky.
Posted by Zaigan on 16th Jun 2021, 11:48 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Inky already saved multiple people.It's just this is first time Amon knows about.
Posted by HKMaly on 16th Jun 2021, 3:34 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Yeah, I remember that. I was just thinking how it was good for Amon to experience now after seeing him beat up his sister left such a bad taste in his mouth.
Posted by Zaigan on 16th Jun 2021, 9:19 PM. Edit Delete Reply

It almost looks like Inky's coming out of her butt... lol
Posted by sigpig on 17th Jun 2021, 5:04 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Imagine Bill Kenny's clear tenor singing "We three, we're all alone; we're not even company - my echo, my shadow and me....."
at yewteb: watch?v=TOhtZdINkY0
Posted by jawbone on 17th Jun 2021, 12:42 PM. Edit Delete Reply