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The Magefront kickstarter is in a few months (may!) but I still need ideas for merch. Is there a character you want a print of? A charm of some kind? Let me know!
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 6th Mar 2021, 11:45 AM. Edit Delete Reply

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Is there a way we can see him get taught a lesson while Ammy teaches him a lesson and one ups him?
Posted by Quadrant on 6th Mar 2021, 12:36 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Annnnd subbed!
I found your comic through your Lateral fan-art.
Posted by sigpig on 10th Mar 2021, 2:58 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Aww thanks!
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 10th Mar 2021, 3:42 PM. Edit Delete Reply