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Talk about clingy, amiright?
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 8th Aug 2020, 4:06 PM. Edit Delete Reply

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It's middle of the night. What if he's asleep or he's boning?
Posted by Quadrant on 9th Aug 2020, 3:04 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Wraith: "wait. wat.? i just got here...... noooooo"
Posted by robnot on 9th Aug 2020, 8:10 AM. Edit Delete Reply

There goes our girl and Mr. Cuddles.

I am sure the Archmage is doing sage mentor stuff like reading with a cup of warm beverage or staring into a fire/night sky deep in thought.
Posted by RazorD9 on 9th Aug 2020, 11:55 AM. Edit Delete Reply

Me and my shadow, strollin down the avenue...
Posted by jawbone on 9th Aug 2020, 12:20 PM. Edit Delete Reply